Everyday Americans: Let’s Take The Word “Patriot” Back

You know how it goes.

Jump into a political discussion on Twitter, and you’ll see plenty of right-wing accounts that are loaded with nationalistic images and words. Flags, eagles, and guns guns guns are usually part of the theme. They present themselves as the ultimate patriots, waging a social media war to defend America against those who want it destroyed (Hillary Clinton, liberals, minorities, etc.).

But you know what? Those folks aren’t any more patriotic than you, or me, or another decent American.

I, for one, am sick of these people pretending that they are somehow more American than the rest of us. I mentioned this on Twitter and the idea caught on like wildfire (at the time my Twitter account @TUPatriot had like 10 followers, so this response was enormous):

I truly believe that if we are to move forward as a country, we can’t pretend that only one side of the partisan divide really loves America and wants it to prosper.

Guess what? Almost all of us want that, we just have very different visions on how to get there.

I pay my taxes, obey the law and care about making our society a better place. That makes me just as big a patriot as any flag-waving, gun-toting blowhard. I suspect you are, too.

Moving Forward, Together

My goal with this site is to (yes) get my opinions and analysis out there regarding American politics and public policy, but also to celebrate our country and try to find points upon which all of us can agree and enjoy. It’s not enough to shout like a maniac with supporters cheering you on and detractors ignoring every word.

We have to find a way out of this mess together, and that starts with recognizing that everyday Americans are patriots, too. If we start from that place of declaring what we love about this country, we actually have a chance of connecting with and listening to each other.

Are you ready to join in a more positive and productive conversation about America’s future? Tell me something you love about this country in the comments below, and share this post on social media to see how many everyday American patriots we can get involved.

OK, I’ll start!

One thing I love about this country is our system of National Historic Parks. Visiting historic sites like the Statue of Liberty, Independence Mall or Ellis Island brings you in touch with our common backstory in a way that no book or movie can possibly do. If you’re looking for something fun to do over your next free weekend, find a National Historic Park near you!