A Colin Kaepernick Meme

So I decided to share a meme on Twitter today…

In these times of highly-charged political talk, people often get upset about name-calling, so I wanted to present a simple test that people can use to determine if someone is truly racist.

It seems to me that if you’re OK with people parading around with the battle flag for a cause that sought to tear our country apart***, but get upset about a guy kneeling during the national anthem in silent protest against social injustice, then you’re not really focused on honoring the American flag or the countless soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our country and our freedom.

No, the obvious explanation is that you’re OK with Whitey speaking up for his “heritage”, but don’t want to see a black guy remind you that the color of your skin still matters in this country.

So make sure to share this meme with your social network and see whose nose gets bent out of joint!

***Notice how we don’t even have to get into a silly argument over what the Civil War was fought over. Whether “states rights” or slavery, the bottom line is that the Confederate battle flag is a symbol of a cause that took up arms in rebellion.