Everyday Americans: Let’s Take The Word “Patriot” Back

You don’t have to wrap yourself in the American flag, bald eagles and weaponry to call yourself a “patriot”! It’s time we celebrate the uncommon patriotism of the common American.

Single-Payer Healthcare: Why Republicans and Business Leaders Should Push For It

The Republican campaign to “repeal and replace Obamacare” has ignited a furious debate about the healthcare system in America. Who should have coverage, who should pay for it, what services should or should not be covered… the arguments are intense. For many, the dream is to get the United States to move to a single-payer […]

Fake News vs Media Bias: A Citizen’s Guide

“Fake News” has been a hot topic this election season, as bizarre stories have motivated citizens in the voting booth and beyond (witness the “Pizzagate” gunman). Far too many people use the “Fake News” cop-out to avoid dealing honestly with media bias, however.

How Empathy Led Donald Trump To The White House (Really!)

“Empathy” is not a word many would use to describe Donald Trump, but it may be the critical quality that led to his winning the Presidential election.

Donald Trump Ignores Russian Interference In US Elections

How large a role did Vladimir Putin play in the US Presidential Election? It seems like the only person who doesn’t want to answer that question is the one who benefited most from Russian interference: Donald Trump.